Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

I’ve been remiss lately at updating Garrett’s Journey and have been reminded of it this week. Sorry folks. Guess I got caught up in the week's activities and just waiting for God to give me new words that will help everyone track our little warrior’s progress.

We had a great last weekend. Garrett and Kathy surprised Jessi and I by showing up at the house Friday night! The doctors decided to give Garrett a birthday present by letting him come home for a day. It was really a tremendous experience for all of us. They got home just before dark and Kathy stopped the car about a third of the way down our lane. She just sat there for the longest time and took in the whole picture, being her first time home in nearly 3 months! All of the flowers and paint and clean up done by our old and new friends who blessed us with their energy and effort to give her just what she deserved – a beautiful home to see when she finally did see it. She was blown away!

Garrett jumped out of the car and ran to me calling “daddy, daddy, daddy” all the way. He jumped up in my arms and hugged me so tight he squeezed some water right out of my eyes. What a moment! I turned around a moment later and he was gone. I figured he would have run to see the animals, but instead I found him lying on his bed just giddy with excitement. That little guy missed his own bed so much he couldn’t wait to find his comfort zone.

We spent the next 24 hours as a family in our own home and the feeling was just perfect. It wasn’t fireworks or tears. It was just a tremendous, calm comfort that is difficult to describe but I miss it already. Here's hoping that August will find us here again, for good.

I sometimes get weary because I want this trial to be over and for us to be together, here at home, where the kids can be in their own environment riding horses, chasing after dogs and being country kids again. I worry at times that too much separation will cause their young minds to forget life here. Jessi unknowingly put my mind at ease and reminded me of our most precious blessings. Sometimes I need to be reminded not to sweat the small stuff.

Recently I’ve learned of some other families who are going through some very difficult emotional times and I thank God every day that Kathy and I have remained as one, and that our family is still intact. Too often I’ve seen families pulled apart by tragedy, disappointment or trials that life throws at them. We’ve certainly had our challenges in that department, but we make a daily decision to love one another and never let any earthly challenge override what God has built. About a month ago, Jessi was playing on my computer and I found a little note she had written. It said ...“My family is the best family there is. First of all my mom is a great cook she cooks the best food ever. Second of all my dad well he takes knaps most of the time but also he gets me whatever I want and takes me riding. Third my brother well first of all right now he`s in the hospital it`s not surprising to me cause he`s always is in there but who cares were still together and that’s what madders. But soon he`ll be out of here ’hopefully’ and back to himself well his onry self. That is my loving family. THE END

How accurate and honest are her words?! Not the part about "daddy" napping (I only fake nap :), but the “who cares were all still together”. That IS what counts. We are still together. Our hearts are forever bonded through this challenge by the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s amazing love. I truly don’t know how anyone can start a day without Jesus as their guiding Light.

Garrett’s been feeling good comparatively, and his heart rate has been holding steady in the low 110’s. So very close to the target range of the low 90’s. It’s clear we’re gainin’. He goes back in to the Hospital next week for another round of infusions, and then it’s more waiting until the biopsy. Regardless of the outcome, we know we’ll be ok because we are together, even when we're apart, and we’re surrounded by God’s Amazing Grace.

Tonight we offer more prayers of thanks for what we have, for the challenges that bring us closer to Him and we ask for His mercy on those who need Him most. We also, as always, pray for His comforting and protective mantle to blanket all of you who have walked this journey with us.