Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010

Well it's been a week or so since I added an update, so I figured I should drop a note and let everyone know how things are going. Each day continues to be a blessing and we're one day closer to complete recovery.

Garrett's infusion went really well last Friday. His anxiety was high going in because of too many past problems. He cried a little and said he wished he didn't have to get sick again to get better, but he "Cowboy'd Up" like he always does. We only hoped he wouldn't have any bad reactions to the infusion this time. It gets ugly.

We decided to try something new this time in an effort to make it easier to find a large vein for the infusion IV. The problems in the past have been outlined several times. They include blocked/scarred vein sites and veins too small for the medicine/chemo, resulting in severe burning. Garrett and I started doing push ups a few weeks in advance to try to force blood into his arms and swell those veins up in the lower part of his arm just below his elbow. This is an area where they've had trouble finding veins in the past, but we know good ones are there. The trick worked like a charm! They stayed away from his wrist and inside elbow area and found a good, big vein right there in his forearm. They hit it on the first try and he never felt the chemo! The rest of the day went well and although he got sick that night and wasn't feeling well then next day, by Sunday he was back to his ol' ornery self and driving momma up a wall.

We had some friends come in to town Sunday afternoon from the High School Rodeo Finals and Garrett got to play with one of his "heroes", Brody, who is a stud bull rider. I got some great shots of Brody helping Garrett on the bucking barrel. Momma wasn't too high on that, but he's earned the right to be a boy and play hard. :-) I won't let him over do it. Just look at the picture...he's having a blast. A few short months ago we couldn't have dreamed he'd be doing this now. We don't know what tomorrow brings, so he gets to have fun while he feels like he can. I just don't have the heart to stop him from doing some things that bring him joy.

Garrett still has a long way to go before we're out of the woods, but just having few comfort issues is huge right now. The doctors said they now feel confident that Garrett is winning the battle and this last round of infusion should put us into that area we're hoping for, but won't know for sure until the biopsy in September. We feel like his increased activity level is not just because the bad stuff is knocked down for now, but down and out. Until the biopsy and tests, it's just stay a little more secluded because his immune system is compromised again, head up to Denver for check ups twice a week and try to stay healthy. Just heal up at home and enjoy every day to the fullest.

We did discuss the possibilities of another "bad" biopsy report in September and the options then are not fun. So we're not going to focus on the "what ifs", but instead greet every day with a positive "Cowboy Up" victorious attitude and hope for the best outcome. Wringing our hands and worrying is not what God wants. That's the enemy trying to beat us. All God expects is for us to to fight against those things that keep us from His glory. That is our goal.

For now, we're very encouraged. Garrett has been sleeping better with few bad nightmares, and with the exception of some discomfort in his legs and arms from the results of the chemo once in a while, he's relatively pain free most of the time. He really wants to go to school this fall, but probably won't be able to start on time with the other kids. Not until we're very confident he can handle being around all the germs.

I want to send out another very special "thank you" to so many who continue to read, pray and support this battle. You know who you are, but probably will never truly understand how deeply humbled and appreciative we are for all you do.

God bless.........

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