Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010

It seems like a lifetime ago when Garrett was having chest pains early this year, and it was only in February. February of this year he was having chest and arm pains. They conducted a number of tests including a stress test and could not determine anything. Since then, as we all know, Garrett got very, very sick and we almost lost him in April. Since then, barring a few set backs, he's come back strong. We're still running the race and praying daily for the energy and steadfast commitment to stay the course and not deviate. Admittedly it gets a little tiring sometimes, just keeping the pace, but we're so blessed to be back home again.

Garrett's check ups keep showing positive signs that his heart function is very good, considering. He was able to try school but we found his immune system is just not that strong, yet. He got sick the first week and now is home fighting a full-blown sinus infection. His white cell count is up and his vital signs have changed just enough to show that he is fighting some stuff. He'll be home this week with another check up tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be able to knock this out quickly. Sinus issues can cause problems in the heart for these kids.

Having to stay home had its up side, too, though. His cousin Levi, who is in stage IV cancer, got to come out and spend the day with him. Those two boys love each other so much and it was a neat opportunity for them to just take it easy and hang out together.

Overall, we're optimistic that he'll keep getting stronger over time and by the end of September, his biopsy will show a clean slate. That's the goal, the wish and our prayerful hope.

Each day brings more promise, more sunshine and more proof that God is all merciful and true.



Mary Berry said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Garrett is battling illness so soon. The kids and I will continue to pray for Garrett. He's an amazing boy!


Mary Berry

LizAdelle said...

Always praying, JD.